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You might be like many Americans today living with credit problems. At My Epic Credit we will assist you to get your credit back to an epic level.

You will quickly improve your credit score and then increase your buying power by increasing the power of your credit.

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Three Things You Should Know About Credit!

1. The Importance of Credit Scores: Your credit score plays a significant role in determining whether or not you'll be approved for loans, credit cards and other financial products. It also affects the interest rates offered to you by lenders. Therefore it is essential that you maintain good credit habits throughout your life.
2. Credit Utilization Ratio: This ratio measures how much of your available credit you're using. It plays a crucial role in determining your credit score. To maintain good credit health it's best to keep this figure below 30%. Remember that keeping it low will help improve and protect your overall financial well being.
3. Maintaining a Healthy Credit Profile: This requires regular monitoring of your credit report. By doing so you can detect any errors or inaccuracies that may be negatively impacting your score and take corrective action before they cause further harm to your finances.  To obtain free copies from each bureau once annually use for Equifax, Experian ,and TransUnion reports respectively . This is an essential step towards building good financial habits!


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Three Things You Should Know About Impoving Your Credit!

1. Payment History: Making timely payments for all your bills, including credit cards loans and utilities is essential in improving your credit score. Payment history plays a crucial role when it comes to determining one's overall creditworthiness. Therefore prioritizing on-time bill settlements should be top priority if you want an excellent rating from lenders or financial institutions.
2. Credit Utilization: Credit utilization is an important factor in maintaining a good credit score. The ratio of how much you're using compared to what's available can have a significant impact on your overall rating. To improve this aspect, consider paying down any outstanding balances or requesting higher limits from lenders. By doing so, you could potentially see positive changes reflected within your scores over time!
3. Length of Credit History: Credit history is an essential factor in determining your credit score. A longer period of managing credit responsibly can improve the overall rating assigned to you by lenders. Keeping old accounts open and maintaining good standing will help boost this aspect of your financial profile. Remember that every little bit counts when it comes to building a solid reputation with potential lenders!


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How To Fix Your Credit!
Improving your credit score is a journey that requires patience and dedication. But with these steps you can make it happen:
Improving your credit score can be a daunting task but it's worth the effort. One way to get started is by checking out your credit reports from each of three major bureaus - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.
Look for any errors or fraudulent activities that could negatively impact your rating. If you find anything amiss file disputes with these agencies immediately. 
Another key factor in maintaining good credit health is paying all bills on time without fail. This includes not only mortgage/rental payments but also utility fees as well as loan installments.
Keep an eye on how much debt you owe on credit cards too; high balances will hurt your scores over time so try reducing them whenever possible while avoiding maxed-out limits at all costs!
By following these steps regularly you'll have taken important strides towards achieving better financial stability overall.
Improving your credit score requires careful management of new credit applications and old accounts.
To avoid damaging your rating with hard inquiries, limit the number of times you apply for fresh lines of credit only when necessary.
Additionally, keeping open older accounts can help lengthen your overall history positively impacting scores over time.
The key takeaway is that managing both types of credit responsibly leads to better outcomes on this important metric used by lenders everywhere.
Improving your credit score is possible by following these steps and practicing good credit habits consistently. With time, you'll see positive results as you work towards achieving financial success.


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